Live street photo Festival

Novi Sad / SERBIA / 27th of August to 5th of September 2020

The start of competition will be on the 27th August 2020, at 1:00 p.m (London, GMT).

All participants will receive a list with 24 topics that he/she needs to respond to and to deliver the best photographs of all the given topics.

All participants have the same topics.

They have 48 hours to respond to all topics i.e. to shoot all photos.

Minimally processed photographs are submitted according to the specific schedule indicated for each group separately.

Announcing the winners by topics and in the general classification will be done on 30th August 2020, at 1:00 p.m.(London, GMT).

Frame 24 / 2020

Why You should enter Frame 24?




The tradition of the Festival started in 2014. while gathering together photographers from the international scene on the streets of the Novi Sad. For these artists, street photography is their love, the way of life and expression, but also a recognized art form that has fans all over the world. Through art, they bring the culture and spirit of their regions closer to international and local photography admirers and the broader community.

2. UPLOAD your images
3. PAY your entry fees

Entry must be received by midnight 30.06.2019. to be eligible.

24 best-placed photographers will qualify for the final competition
in Novi Sad August/September 2019.

Radionica Street fotografije


Svilara Kulturna stanica

Radionica Akt fotografije

9-13h i 15-19h

Svilara Kulturna stanica

Radionica Portret fotografije

16 – 19h

Svilara Kulturna stanica


Izlozba 120 najboljih fotografija prvih 5 festivala – Spens- Media Info centar

Prezentacija i degustacija vina

EX YU takmicenje 13h.

Photoshop 16-19h

Nemanja Sekulić – Svilara Kulturna stanica

Camera Obscura 9-12h

Lazar Leković

Mensa NS – Proglasenje pobednika 13h

Radionica Portret fotografije

Svilara Kulturna stanica 16-19h

Radionica Street fotografije

Svilara Kulturna stanica 16-19h

Photoshop radionica

Svilara Kulturna stanica 16-19h