1The qualifications are open to all Photographers: Amateur and Professional from all over the world.

How do I enter?

Create your online profile, upload your images – Qualifications – and pay entry fees.
Your entry is submitted when entry fees are paid.
You will receive an entry confirmation email upon payment of entry fees.

I just registered where is My activation E-mail?

1. Check your Spam or Junk Mail folder.
2. Add "contact@frame24.org" to your Contacts or Allowed Sender List.

What is final deadline for submissions?

All entries must be received by the Closing Deadline – midnight (PST) August 20, 2020.
No entries will be accepted after this date.

Entry Fee?

Entry fees are 0$.


A. Lines
B. Portrait
C. Minimalism
D. Number

How meny images I can submit for the qualifications?

Only 1 photo can be submitted for each of the 4 topics in the qualifications .

Can I submit same image into multiple categoryes?

The same image can't be submitted into multiple categories.

Can I enter work that has been published?

Published work can be submitted in qualifications .

Can I enter work from another photo contest?

Photos that have earlier been a part of other International Photo Contests
can be submitted in qualifications.

Is there a time limit on when the photograph was taken for the qualifications?

There are no restrictions on the date of photograph in qualifications.

Naming files

Number of theme – Last name – first name
For example: 01PiterBogdanovich.jpg

File size

Maximum file size is 2 Mb. Digital images must be saved as jpg at 300dpi, in RGB.


Minimal processing (light, crop, contrast, color)

Proof of autorship

Winning Entrants ( 24 finalists ) must be able to provide a high resolution digital file.
This file will be used only to prove the ownership of the image.
Winning Entrants who do not fulfill these eligibility criteria will be deemed ineligible and disqualified without the right to appeal.

How meny competitors are selected for final competition?

24 photographers with the highest overall score will be invited to come to the final live competition.
In case of a high number of applications (over the expected number), the number of 24 photographers will be increased to 48.
In that case, the festival will, instead 4, last 7 days and will have Two semifinals and Final competition.
8th Photo Festival "Frame 24" - 2021

LIVE street photo Championship

24 photographers, 24 hours, 24 topics, 24 judges

Novi Sad / SERBIA / 26th August - 28th August 2022.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We invite you to be part of the photo festival that aims to develop the art and culture of photography, as well as to bring together old friends and make new acquaintances.
The tradition of the Festival started in Novi Sad in 2014, while gathering together photographers from the international and domestic scene on the streets of the city. For these artists, photography is their love, the way of life and expression, but also a recognized art form that has fans all over the world. Through art, they bring the culture and spirit of their regions closer to international and local photography admirers and the broader community.
All those who are not from Novi Sad will learn about our beautiful city.
1) 24 photographers who are chosen as the best and are invited to come to Novi Sad.
2) The opening ceremony of the contest will be on the 26th August 2022, at 1:00 p.m (London, GMT).
3) All participants will receive a list with 24 topics that he/she needs to respond to and to deliver the best photographs of all the given topics. All participants have the same topics. They have 24 hours to respond to all topics i.e. to shoot all photos. Minimally processed photographs are submitted according to the specific schedule indicated for each group separately.
4) Announcing the winners by topics and in the general classification will be done on
28th August 2021, at 1:00 p.m.(London, GMT), with the award-ceremony winner and the top three photographers.
5) Every participant will get an award, independently of their ranking. The three first-ranked winners and the winners per topic will receive awards, which will be defined at a later stage.
With this specific concept, "Frame 24" is a unique competition / festival, or at least among the leading ones in Europe.

Dr. Ranko Đurović

Chairman of the Organizing Committee